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From the April 20th - May 3rd issue of GO-GO...

(Denver Weekly Entertainment Review)


The puppets themselves, beautifully grotesque and brimming with character, can only be described as art evolving -- both onstage and in the audience's mind. 

Roger Beauchamp and John Ankerpont are artists who play an active role in the presentation of their work. They are accomplished puppeteers who, though never visible to the audience, are so familiar with their characters' nuances that they infuse each puppet with a living and honest existence. Ankerpont is a poet and Beauchamp is an artist who works in multiple mediums. Constructed of wire, paper, cardboard, paint and various other accoutrements the puppets combine onstage to embody and unlikely family of warped humanity that lurks somewhere below the surface in all of us. It is perhaps this appeal to our thalamic nature that drives the emotional impact of this production. Or is it perhaps our intrigue with the other-worldly underworld of existence that gives us a connection the the reality of these mutations of human nature. Whatever the motivations, I highly recommend a visit to Gallery 13 for the next presentation of Mystery Sandbox Theater. 

--stanni slavsky


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